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Psychometric Assessments

LOGAN HR is accredited to administer and interpret the Podium and GeneSys suite of psychometric assessments. This means we can offer our clients a wide range of psychometric assessments and surveys to support recruitment and selection, training and development and company performance processes within your organisation. More information about the types of assessments available is included below.

Recruitment & Selection

Using psychometric assessments allows you to explore and assess information that you can not accurately gain from other parts of the selection process. This improves your chances of appointing productive, high performing staff. The types of assessments that we offer to support recruitment and selection processes include:

  • Ability tests (including numeric, verbal and abstract reasoning and clerical testing)
  • Personality Assessments
  • Preference Assessments (including sales preferences, values and motives, learning style)

Training & Development

We can work with you to recommend a range of assessments that meet your organisations requirements with regard to training and development. Having robust assessment information to support your training and development processes provides you with more structured and measurable insights about your employee’s likely performance, behaviours and attitudes. Areas we can support you with include:

  • Enhancing leadership (including 360 degree surveys and emotional intelligence)
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Tailoring training and development of individual learning styles
  • Sales and negotiation

Organisation Performance

We offer a range of survey solutions that can assist you to really understand your organisation’s culture and performance. The outcome of using these surveys is that you will gain robust and practical information to support your decision making. The range of surveys we offer includes:

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Organisational Culture/Engagement Surveys